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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Making a Sidebar List on Blogger.

One of my friends on Blogger has asked me how she can make a list of her Recipes in the sidebar of her blog so that other readers can easily click on the recipes and access them. There are other methods of doing this, but for this how-to, were going to use the Link Lists Gadget in order to achieve our aims. Once all of your Recipes are published to your blog, you can use the Link List Gadget to list them in the sidebar. Also its very easy to add more recipes to the list as and when you add them to your blog. Every post (and therefore every recipe) has a unique web address contained in the browser address bar. We will need all the different addresses of each recipe so that when a reader clicks on the name of that recipe from inside the sidebar, they are automatically taken to the recipe in question.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Keeping up with your friends blog posts.

We all like to keep tabs on all of our friends blogs and to be able to read their latest posts as soon as they are published. However, this can often mean trawling around blogging sites, or in the case of Wordpress, subscribing to them and then keeping up with reading all of our subscriptions.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every time a friend published a new post to their blog we could not only be informed but read it straight away on our computers?  Well you can do exactly that! Without leaving your desktop, you can see all of your friends blog updates and read their posts just as if you were online! Here’s how.