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Friday, 15 October 2010

Blogger needs YOUR ideas!

Just over a year ago, Blogger bods asked everyone who uses their blogging platform for ideas on how they would like Blogger to evolve. It was purely from this feedback made by Blogger users that the fantastic new Template Designer was born, pages were introduced and other welcome enhancements were made to the Blogging site. You can read all about every change that was introduced on Blogger as a result of receiving all of their users feedback in this post on Blogger Buzz.

Now, I am a great believer in any site or service listening to feedback from their core users and not just from a select few who don’t represent the majority.  I love the new Template Designer on Blogger, its really easy to get to grips with for even the newest user and kudos to the Blogger team for its brilliant  implementation.

Blog changes since feedback

Now just over a year later, the Blogger team are once more asking for all of your bloggers who make use of Blogger as your preferred blogging platform to give your views on what features you would like adding, what you would want changing to the existing features so that you can help to make Blogger the best blogging platform out there.

Submit an Idea

How do you express your ideas? Well, simply take a mosey over to where you can vote on other ideas submitted by other Blogger users and then submit some ideas of your own by clicking on Submit an Idea at the bottom of the other suggestions. So, if there is anything at all you would like to be made available on Blogger, or any feature already there that you feel could be made far better, now’s your time to make your views known!

TG  Open-mouthed smile


  1. Thanks!, I am off to read the Blogger Buzz.

  2. Good Beth, and don't forget to put some of your ideas in there and vote for other users ideas. We need to state our wishes!

  3. Great idea!! I'll check it out.
    Hope you are well my friend!

  4. Yes I am thanks. Don't forget to add your own ideas for Blogger to the mix will you?

  5. Isn't it nice to be more than hits and a counter some marketing guy can show potential advertisers? After being ignored by the WLS team every for a year and a half getting actual responses from Blogger to user input was a refreshing experience for me.

  6. Yes it is Rocket Man, and truly to be commended. It's a pity more websites don't do it. Your only as good as your users, neglect them and you deserve to fail.
    I have requested email alerts when anyone commments on your blog, use Picasa much more closely so you can more easily create a slideshow or your Photo Albums into a blog post, replies in commments (nested) Template Designer to allow bigger backgrounds (its too constraining at the moment) more themes, more fonts, wider layouts, and ability to search on here for like minded bloggers, such as being able to search for someone over 60,retired, living in UK etc etc.

  7. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You


  8. Thank you Old Geezer I will do just that.

  9. Hi, its hard to imagine what blogger was like just before I started here end of June. I found it had so much at that time. I think had I arrived earlier before they had the templates and the ablility to customize you site I might not have been happy here. Had a few clinches with my 2nd blog here but I think I have everything fixed now. I love how it is so easy also to stay connected with people who have chosen to go to wordpress. Not like WLS were you had to have an account to comment. Thanks for noticing the reflections I used at on my photos. That was a blog from a year ago. I loved that feature especially when I have water in the photos. I just got the new downloads for the new hotmail, and live writer and a few others. Really like the new look of both once I got myself a little familar again. Didn't like the windows tried to download the whole package. To much at once and so many features I didn't want. Had to turn off my automatic updates as I don't want them to keep trying to give me the whole package again. My provided shut me down because it went beyond my daily download allowance. Anyway thanks for always keeping us imformed. Have a great week. Hugs Carrie

  10. Carrie you must NEVER turn automatic updates off. Your operating system is updated for a reason, to keep it Save and working properly. Turning them off is a recipe for trouble. Of course when you first install Windows 7 there are lot's because in a way your computer has to catch up with all of those that have been issued previously. Once you have all those installed, it will slow down to maybe one or two a week at the most.
    I have the whole package installed apart from Family Safety which I don't need as there is only myself and K use the computer here.
    To get around your providers allowance, try only downloading a few at a time. I have a 40GB monthly allowance and have never EVER exceeded it yet, and I download all sorts of stuff.
    I will be doing some how-to's on how to use the new versions of the Live Essentials Suite shortly


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