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Monday, 15 November 2010

Windows Live Essentials 2011. Live Movie Maker.


Windows Live Movie Maker has already received both the ribbon interface and lots of new features during the past year, so compared to the other applications in  Windows Live Essentials suite, it hasn’t really had all that many new features added in its 2011 incarnation. However the new addition of Auto Themes is a really great feature that allows anyone who has never created a Movie before to be able to make a fantastic and professional looking movie with just one click from the ribbon interface is a stroke of genius in my opinion.


Auto Movie Themes

Auto Movie Themes basically allow the user to simply select some photos or a video, apply a theme to them and let the program take care of every single aspect including a title frame, effects, transitions, end credits, and location display.  The simple remit for Auto Movie is to completely simplify the task of making a pristine looking movie without having ever tried to create one before and in my view this has been achieved.

All that the user has to do is simply choose their photos or video then click on a chosen theme, input their choice of title into the title frame provided by their chosen theme followed by inputting  their name into the credits frame as well as anyone who is featured in their movie To finish they need only add the location featured and their movie is then finished. If you aren’t sure which of the Auto Movie themes would suit your particular Movie you can view a short preview of what it will look like by simply hovering your mouse over each one inside the ribbon interface at the top.

Choosing an Auto Movie

For those users who want more control over their movie or are ‘old hands’ at movie making, then you can manually choose your own Title page, your animations, transitions, pan and zoom effects and visual effects , to which some new choices have been added, including adding additional ‘credits’  such as ‘starring’ ‘location’ and  ‘director’ which helps to make your movie look professional.

Sharing your Movie.

Users can now share their completed Movie on SkyDrive and Windows Live Groups as well as Facebook and YouTube. Once you have uploaded your video to your SkyDrive your friends on Windows Live can then watch your completed video  from there and download it if they wish to do so.

Colours of Autumn

 Here’s my completed movie made in just twenty minutes using one of the Auto Themes in Live Movie Maker. Enjoy!



  1. Very well done, TG. Sort of a movie of slide shows with music added. I like it.

  2. Thanks Jenny. Live Movie Maker makes it so easy to do.

  3. Very nice video. Thank you for the tips.


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