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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Blogging with Windows Live Writer. 10

Other features of using Writer.

Now that we have covered some of the wonderful things that you can include in your blog posts when you make use of Writer, let’s take a look at how the long term use of Writer can help you to edit an old post that you did ages ago, or port all of your previous posts over to another site. Not only that, you can send the same post to two separate sites as long as you have them both set up inside Writer. I do this with these posts. They are published both to Wordpress and Blogger so that anyone who would like to learn about using Windows Live Writer and is using a blog on either of those sites can see them.. Here’s how to do that.

If you have a blog on both  Blogger and Wordpress for example, and have  set them both of them up as per my previous post, simply choose one of them in Writer, compose your post and then publish it as normal.  Once the post has been published to one blog, simply click on Blogs from the Toolbar at the top of Writer, click on your other blog where you wish the same post to be sent,  check the formatting to see that everything displays correctly in your other blog and then  click on Publish.  That same post will then be available in both of your blogs.

Here's the post for Blogger And here it is for Wordpress

Editing those old posts.

Let’s say that you are going over one of your older posts in your blog, and you notice a spelling mistake or you want to change some of the content  inside that old post.  As long as the post was constructed with Live Writer its so easy to do!  Note the title of the post and the date it was posted originally. Now from inside Live Writer either click on More from under the Recently Posted list in the right hand side Menu or alternatively click on File from the Writer Toolbar at the top of the Writer window, and then click on Open.  Writer will then ‘fetch’ the last 50 posts that you published to that blog. If you wish to go back even further than that you can choose to show up to 500 previous posts by clicking on the Show box.  Simply click on the post that you wish to edit or change, click on O.K  and it will then appear inside the Live Writer editing window for you to alter as you wish. You can then repost when you are completely happy with your changes..

Editing an older post.NOTE. Do not change the Set publish date after you have completed your editing or it won’t be placed back into your blog at the same place as it was originally. If you click in  the Set publishing date box, it will then appear as  a new post.  If you are posting in a sequence then this is very important, so if you want that particular post to stay in the sequence as it originally appeared in your blog, do not click on the Set publish date box.

I want to transfer my blog to another site!

As long as you have been using Live Writer to publish to the blog that you wish to move from, then its fairly easy to transport all of your old posts over to a new blogging site. Let’s say (for example) that you have been using Wordpress for your blog posts and have decided that you wish to begin using Blogger instead.  In order to do this ‘transfer’ of all your old posts, you will need to have used Live Writer for their composition.

Next, set up your new blog on Blogger (or wherever you are moving your blog to.) and then set up Writer with your new blog as described in my previous post. Now you will need Live Writer to fetch down all your previous posts, so click on File from the Writer Toolbar then Open  and  choose the name of the old blog that you wish to move all your posts from.  You are going to have to move them over one by one, so it will take quite some time to do if you have quite a few.  It will also be a good idea to begin with the oldest post that you wish to port over if you wish to keep them in the same sequence as they were in your old blog.

As each old post appears inside the Live Writer edit window, simply click on Blogs from the Writer Toolbar, and then select your new blog by clicking on it. If your new blog is using a different width then you may have to alter some formatting inside the post, and then simply click on publish to send that post to your new blog.  Repeat this for every blog post from your old blog that you wish to port over to your new blog.  Time consuming I know if you have lot’s of old posts, but at least you can port it all fairly easily.  As before, if you wish to keep the original sequence of your posts then its a good idea to leave the Set publish date alone although if you work through all of your previous posts in order of oldest to youngest that shouldn’t really be a problem.  When you have completed porting all your posts over to your new blog  you can finally delete the old one.

And that’s it!  I hope that you are learning how to use Windows Live Writer and how it  makes blogging so much easier to do!


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