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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Windows Live headers for Wave 4.

We recently saw some leaked screen grabs of some new headers for the Windows Live site which apparently will be introduced in the new Wave 4 updates.  Take a look at them all in the following picture. Most of them have been taken from the default Windows 7 themes. Trouble is I am not all that keen on any of them if I am honest.

Windows Live headers

So I thought it would be interesting (and also a bit of fun) to show you some of my headers that I would choose if I were allowed to be able to upload my own headers if the teams would grant us all that ability.  (or it was possible to do.)  Here they are.

Autumn coloursAutumn Leaves Black window headerBlue and Green Bright blue Daffodils Dreamy Fractuals HorizonIsleland Multicoloured Psycho Red Leaves Ripples Storm comingDistant Worlds

So there are my choice of headers for Windows Live. Do you like them?



  1. Nice! The names are as good as the images, very well done!


    (sorry about the login)

  2. That's okay and thanks for the visit! I think that mine are fairly good as their choice don't you?

  3. I'm pretty sure that the Windows Live headers actually change depending on the time of the day TG. Well, I know the ones I use do anyway. Who knows if the new ones will.

  4. Yes you are meaning the dynamic one's that change depending on your location. I use those at the moment and love them, so I should imagine that some of the new one's will do the same thing. Some of mine could also be enabled to do that! LOL

  5. I like your creation better then Microsoft's

  6. Thank you Chris so do I! Only took me about an hour to grab them and put them in Writer. Funnily enough I'll do a follow up post to this one because I have found some more that would be available to them right now.

  7. Sweet Headers.
    Any idea when it will be released other than beta?

  8. Jerry, the online services (the Windows Live Site) is already up and running, the Windows Live Essentials (desktop) applications are slated in for round about August.


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