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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Beginning Blogging. Intro, what is a blog?

Most people tend to think that a blog (or weblog to give it its full name) is someone’s online diary of their lives. Users writing about their personal experiences and incidents that occur to them. It isn’t! Most blogs these days contain various content,some news or some technical information for example, and often fulfil various functions. If you surf the web fairly often you can guarantee that the majority of WebPages that you look at are in fact blogs of some description.  Applying some fairly loose criteria describing  what is a weblog and what isn’t, here are a few to consider.

Can you leave a comment on the contents? Does it have  a header and a sidebar? Does it have an author who has written the content? (This does not usually need to be just one person and many blogs do have guest authors.) Does each individual piece of content have its own title or header?

If you answer yes to all those questions, then no matter what the subject or the content, its fairly certain to be a blog. However, most of us so called ‘ordinary’ users  (and I do use that term very loosely)  who do want to own a blog simply want to write about our daily lives. Or we may want to share our photos with others and therefore require a means to do this, with perhaps some added text or explanation for each picture. Some users like to make their readers laugh, or illustrate their blogs with graphics and/or cartoons, whilst others prefer to be more serious. Mothers like to blog about their children and on a personal note, I wish that blogging had been around when all my children were born! I would have begun a blog for each of them. What better way to keep an ‘interactive’ baby book of your children as they reach all those important milestones on the journey to adulthood?  You can always keep such a Baby Book private if you wish so that only they can have access to it whenever they wish to read all about their escapades as they grew from baby to adult.

In other words, people use blogs for all sorts of different reasons. To be funny, to be serious, to report the latest news, to share their knowledge with others, as therapy, as a diary, and as a method of recording their lives for remembrance.

Here are a list of other peoples blogs that I access almost every day, and they span the whole gamut of what blogging is all about.



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