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Friday, 5 August 2011

Google Plus for Newbies 10. Personalising your Profile.

One of the best features of your profile page on Google Plus is the way that you can personalise it and make it quite unique to yourself. Besides the usual profile picture on the left hand side, you can also add a ‘Scrapbook’ of pictures which can consist of photos that sum up who you are, your interests, your favourite photos or (as quite a few users have already done) a unique slant on you. You can also include more than one photo as your main profile photo which when clicked on, will cycle through them all. This opens up some interesting possibilities, especially as you can add some text to each photo in Picnik! So let’s see how you can individualise your profile and make it your own!

Creating your Scrapbook.

Adding some photos to scrapbook

1. Above your posts on your profile page, you might have noticed a grey area inviting you to ‘Add some photos here’ This is your ‘scrapbook’ area. It’s up to you which photos you add to your scrapbook of course, but as this is your profile page where visitors will be needing to find out all about who you are, then maybe it might be fun to make your scrapbook say something about you. You could add individual photos of things you are interested in for example, or some of your all time favourite photos. Use your imagination! For this how-to I’m using a sequence of photos that my daughter took of me walking down the cobbled road this morning so that it looks as if I’m walking across the page.

Add photo to your

2. Click on Add photo to add the first one to your scrapbook feature wall. You can add a photo from your photo files on your computer or alternatively from your current Picasa Web Albums.

Photos from Picasa Web albums

3. You can add up to five photos to your scrapbook. Once you are happy with the display of your photos, decide who you want to be able to see them in your profile page and then click on Done Editing.

My scrapbook photos finished

Changing your Profile Photo.

You can also have more than one profile photo AND have some creative fun by adding a message for the visitors to your profile! So let’s work our way through it shall we?

4. You can use as many photos for this as you want. Click on Change Photo under your profile photo on the left.

Select a profile photo

5.If this is the first time that you have added a profile photo, then click on Add a photo. You can add a profile photo from a variety of places, I’m going to add some photos from my computer files. When the first one has uploaded, we’re going to add some text to it in Picnik.

Add text and edit in Picnik

6. Click on Edit photo in Picnik.

Adding text, changing fonts, moving text box

7.Once Picnik has loaded, click on the Create tab at the top followed by the Text tab. You can now choose which fonts to use for your text, either default one’s or you can choose from Premium fonts or some others. below. I’ve chosen Burst My Bubble for this how-to.

8. In the box above the font choices, type in your text and then click on Add below. A white box will then appear in your photo which you can move around in order to place it where it can best be seen. Another window will have appeared over your photo containing Text Properties.

9. Choose the colour of your text, its position inside the box, which can be resized by clicking and dragging on the circles in each corner, the fade properties of your text, the size of it, and also Advanced Blend Modes or whether to flip your text or not to make it vertical or horizontal, Try everything out! You can’t spoil it until you click on Save this Image!

10. When you are happy with your text for your profile photo, click on Save this Image at the top right hand side.

Resize the box by dragging the crosses

11. You will now be asked to crop your profile photo. You can resize this crop box by clicking on the white squares at each corner and dragging them across to make the square larger or smaller.

12. Once you are happy with your photo, click on Set as profile photo.

13. Now you need to add another photo by clicking again on Change Photo. Work your way through the previous instructions in exactly the same way, but changing your text for each shot. You will have to instruct your visitors to click on your profile photos so ‘click on me’ or some such will need to be added to one of them. Each time your visitors to your profile click on your profile photos, they will cycle through them all.

NOTE! If you need your text to read in a certain sequence, then you probably will have to reverse them all when setting them up as your profile pictures, so the last one in your sequence first etc.


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