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Friday, 29 July 2011

Google Plus for Newbies. 9. Sorting out Suggestions.

Whenever you access your Home page, you will notice that you have some people suggested to you under the  Suggestions header over in the right hand side column. These suggestions are made based on the type of people that you have already added to your circles. So if the largest majority of those users added to your circles are (for example) those in Social Media, then most of your suggestions will also be from that category of person because the default setting for Suggestions is ‘Relevance.’ You can change this by clicking on Show All at the bottom of the three persons shown. You can also change the Suggested persons by clicking on the X to the right of their name in order to cycle through them. So let’s take a closer look at Suggestions shall we?


1. From your Home page, click on Show All at the bottom of the three current Suggestions in the right hand side column.

2. On this page, you can see ALL of those users suggested to you by the criteria Relevance who are not yet in your circles. You can change the criteria from Relevance to First Name or Last Name if you want to by clicking on the word Relevance, but for this how-to, we’ll stay with the default.

More suggestions

3. In order to see more information about each person, such as their Profile or the type of posts they are making so that you can decide whether or not to add them to your circles and which circle to add them to, you firstly click on their tile. This tile will turn blue and some choices will then be made available to you on the top right hand side. These choices are as follows, Remove, Clear selection, View profile and More Actions.

More actions for selections

4. Clicking on View Profile will take you to that particular persons Profile where you can find out more details about them in order to help you decide whether or not to include them in one of your circles.

finding out more info about a person

5. Choosing Remove will of course remove them from this Suggestions list, Clear Selection will simply clear your chosen person so that you can choose someone else from the Suggestions list.

6. If you click on More Actions whilst someone is highlighted, you can either Block them or Select All.

7. You don’t have to add any of these Suggestions to your circles of course, the choice is entirely up to you and you can simply ignore them all if you wish.


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