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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview. 2. Setting up Mail.

Next we’ll begin to add our email accounts to the MAIL app. At this point in time, the app will only work with a Hotmail/Live or Gmail account. However, if you have a POP account there is a temporary work around which I’ll cover in this how to. So let’s get started setting up our email accounts and using the new MAIL app.

1. Click on the MAIL app from the METRO start screen. Once the app is open it will show your mail from the account that you have already used to log into Windows 8 with. For this how to, I’m going to add an Gmail account.

Screenshot (2)

You can also add other Live ID’s or Hotmail accounts as well as Exchange accounts. As this app is still in a Preview stage, you cannot at this time use a POP account. But you can add your POP account to your Hotmail or Live ID online in order to temporarily get around this.

2. Access your Hotmail account online.

3. From the INBOX screen, click on OPTIONS on the top right hand side of your messages then from the drop down list click on MORE OPTIONS.

Screenshot (6)

4. From the MANAGING YOUR ACCOUNT list  select Sending and Receiving Email from other Accounts.

5. Select ADD AN EMAIL ACCOUNT and the fill in the email address and your password.

Screenshot (5)

6. Next you will be asked to choose between having your emails arrive in a separate folder or your INBOX folder. Choose INBOX then click on SAVE. Your Hotmail account will send a verification email to the account that you are trying to add, so you will have to go online to access your POP account in order to receive the verification email and therefore verify the account.

Once you have done that, all your POP account email will be downloaded to your Hotmail/Live account in the MAIL app. When POP accounts are enabled in the MAIL app in the future you can always go back to your Hotmail account online and delete any added POP accounts.

Screenshot (3)

7. At the top right hand side of the reading screen, you can see three icons, + to compose a new email, REPLY to the highlighted email and DELETE to delete the highlighted email. Click on any to choose either of those choices.

Screenshot (4)

8. If the ADD EMAIL ACCOUNTS choice at the bottom left hand column disappears or is no longer visible, then you can still add accounts from the CHARM bar by hovering your mouse to the right top corner in order to bring up the CHARM bar and click on SETTINGS, then ACCOUNTS.

9. You can conduct a SEARCH of your emails and their content in any account by taking your mouse to the top right hand corner to invoke the CHARMS bar and then select SEARCH.

Screenshot (19)

10.Type in a word or phrase into the SEARCH MAIL box. Click on SEARCH. All of your emails which contain that search word or term will then be presented to you in the INBOX column.

Screenshot (18)

11. When you need to compose a new email in the MAIL app by clicking on the + icon, as soon as you click in the writing area you are presented with several choices at the bottom of the write screen.  The choices are as follows:

Attachments, Emoticons, Font, Font colour, Highlight, Bold, Italic, Underline, Bulleted list and More which when clicked on displays a list containing High Priority, Normal Priority, Show Bcc, Undo and Redo.

Screenshot (2)

12. To use any of the choices in your email click on the icon to enable it. To disable click on the icon again. When you have finished composing your email, click on the SEND icon at the top right hand side of the compose screen.

TG  Next post we’ll work through personalising the PEOPLE app.


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