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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview. 6. Music and Video.


1. Click on the Music app to open it, You will be required to accept the Microsoft Beta Program Agreement and once you have clicked on Accept, you will be in the Music app main screen where all of your current Music Albums will be shown. (Unfortunately at this time, I cannot sign into the app from the UK but will update this post as and when it is enabled for my country.) Probably because I am unable to sign into the app, none of my Music Albums contain a cover. Instead I simply have a generic headset icon.


2. Click on one of your Albums to listen to it or alternatively click on Play all music to play through all of your albums. You will also note that the currently playing song and how long it has been playing is shown on the far left of this screen. Clicking on the Show More tile will show your other albums if there are quite a few.

3. Right click will bring up options such as Shuffle, Repeat, Pause and Next.

Screenshot (2)

4. Searching from the CHARM bar will allow you to search for a particular song from any music album in your collection. You can then either choose to Play that song straight away or add it to your Now Playing.


Screenshot (2)

So at this time, I feel that the Music app is in a very early stage of development with lot’s of features still to come. The currently playing song will be shown in the Music tile.


Next, let’s take a look at the Video app.

1. Click on the Video app tile to open it. Again you will be requested to Accept the Video Beta Program Agreement. As with the Music app, the Video app seems to be in the first early stages of development and again, I could not sign into it from the UK. For this how-to, I will use some of my own personal videos I created ages ago using Windows Live Movie Maker.

Screenshot (7)

At this stage, my own videos are not shown with a cover grab from the video but instead just show a black tile.

2. Clicking on Show More will show all of your videos in an A to Z format.

3. Clicking on top of one of them will allow you to play it and state the total length of the video selected. If you have quite a few videos, you can conduct a search of them all via the CHARMS bar.

Screenshot (10)

4. Whist a video is playing, you can toggle between watching it full screen or in a smaller version by clicking on the icon at the bottom.

Screenshot (14)

5.Clicking on top of the video as it is playing will invoke a left and right arrow and a pause/play icon. Clicking on the left/right arrows will  take you through the video in 30 minute steps. The same features can also be accessed by right clicking whilst watching a video. The currently playing video will be shown in the Video tile.

As you can see, there is obviously still a lot of work to be done with both of these apps and I look forward to seeing how they evolve.

TG  Next post, we’ll work our way through using the METRO version of Internet Explorer.

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